Alan Corbeth

Alan is EVO Chairman and House Band Manager.

Alan Corbeth has worked in the broadcasting and recording industry for over thirty-five years.  He helped build one on the largest nationally syndicated radio programs in this country, “Coast to Coast AM” with Art Bell and George Noory.

Prior to that, he served as a Senior Vice President with Premiere Radio Networks.  Alan built and managed a local radio station in Southern Oregon where he helped to established Chancellor Broadcasting and Talk Radio Network.  He worked as Director of Technical Production for National Public Radio in Washington, DC, Israel Radio in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Capitol Radio in London, England.  During his seven years in England, he also worked for CBS and RCA records.  Alan started his recording and broadcasting career with a large independent recording studio in New York City.  In 2008, Alan was invited to Chicago to introduce Art Bell into the Radio Hall of Fame.  Alan currently resides in Junction City with his wife Leonie.