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Info and tidbits

The board has decided to take July and August of  2014  off, we have been here for 9 years we feel it is time to take some time for our families. This last 2 years the count has been down and we know we have booked very good talent so if you have any suggestions to help please get in touch with one of us. Our emails are on the opry board page. Thanks.

Hello Beautiful People! Info from Urban Monroes 


It will soon be April. I can hardly believe how the time has evaporated. It was just Christmas and now it's almost Easter. 


Wanted to give a quick update. Below are review excerpts from our new CD Appaloosa Daydream along with a few live show review excerpts.

We were #2 on the Song Chart at Roots Music Report,  #1 on the All-Time Top 50 Global Bluegrass Chart at APD and #1 on the Bluegrass Radio Favorites Chart. You can see those charts at the following link:   http://home.comcast.net/~urbanmonroes/appaloosa.html



Fan Reviews have meant the world to us. They tell us we're doing something right! They are written from the heart and aren't trying to comply with editors and magazines or politics. They aren't afraid to express how they feel. We are truly grateful to for each and every one of them. There is also a poem written by a fan and some other reviews as well



"I just LOVE Little Maggie. I can't sit still while listening to it. I'm an old Irish dancer so out comes the Irish dancing!" ~ Fan Review


"Oh that was just plain awesomeness there!!!!!!!!!" ~ Fan Review

Some of you have asked about some that have been on the shows in years past and they have not seen them for awhile. Well I read this and it made me think of some that we do miss. It is hard for them not to perform but they know it is not what it use to be for them. Keep them in your memories We have lost another one this month Jr. Clark went home to God please keep Janette and family in your prayers. Joyce


VIEW FROM THE FRONT PORCH/Country Music Classics

 By: Stan Hitchcock*


Fifty five years....since it all started in 1959....how many miles is that?....how many songs sung?....how many stages to cross?....how many Hotel rooms, unable to sleep, sitting up writing songs or other diversions to get through the night....how many all night drives, slapping yourself in the face to keep awake, holding your head out the window hoping the cold air would wake you enough to keep going....going where?....to another town, another stage, another empty room....but, then, one night magic happens....the band is just incredible on this night....the guitar just seems to tune itself....the songs pour out in an endless stream....the crowd loves your music....they clamor for more....the notes on the high melodies come without strain....the low notes resonate deep in your chest...when you let the band take a break, you just don't want to stop, so you sit on stage, just you and your guitar and sing some of the songs you have been writing in those Hotel rooms and never sharing with anyone until now, and it's like a magnet to the band and they start easing back on stage to play along, even tho they have never heard these songs, and it is a magic night, truly, for the music carries you away from your road weariness...and you never want it to stop.

 That magic is the adrenaline of a performance high. There is no drug as powerful, no drink that can touch it and the only cure for it is age. And still the ancient performer longs for it again craves it as an alcoholic craves a drink, a junkie craves a fix. Oh, sure he knows he can still find a stage to cross, and the songs are still in his memory his arthritis fingers can clumsily find the chords. he can find musicians willing to back him up and some of the crowd will still love him or her, because in their mind they are hearing the young performer that they remember from the glory days. so, on some special night, the old singer reaches down in the depths of remembrances and finds the notes, the tones, the magic and once again they are young, in their prime, totally in command of a song, just as if it never went away. yes, magic can still happen, even when you think the performance fire has gone out in your belly its there! you can feel it!

 Its called music and music knows no boundaries. music is made to share, and experiences of life give a special meaning to the words, and only one who has lived the life, traveled the roads, felt the pain, the loss, the joy and came out on the other side, the old performer with life lines in his or her face who steps up on the stage with a slight wince of an aching joint. still has something to say in a word or song, because they know what it took to deliver that music all those years. It was magic.....*

we were in the Eugene Magazine

Hi, We are very proud to tell you we are in the Eugene Magazine page 22 in the winter 2008-09 issue. This is a great magazine telling what is going on around town and we got to be  part of it. Here is just a little of what they say. Thanks guys...Opry board
For more that nine years, the nonprofit Emerald Valley Opry has staged monthly shindigs showcasting the many varied strains of country music. Most EVO performers are local folks, but the Opry also draws from across the western states. A night at the Opry tends to reflect the organizers'unabashed celcbration of friendship, family and the joys of traditional American music.And almost always, Opry music is dished up hot and sweet.


Nokie Edwards

Nokia has come through his heart surgery great and is now back state side. Thank you for your prayers.

Congratulations to Nokie Edwards on being inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

Nokie Edwards of The Ventures
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / Guitar Player Certified Legend 
Sold over 100 million albums / Grammy Hall of Fame