Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising (On Our Stage December 9, 2017)



Based in Tualatin, Oregon – the award winning original roots music group Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising continues to stack up awards and accolades while performing their high-energy shows throughout the West.  Awards include guitar player Dennis Nelson being named 2008 Roots Music Association Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year and banjo player Tom Tower winning the $10,000 prize in the 2010 City Love Music Contest.  The band holds the title of the International Music & Entertainment Association 2015 Bluegrass Group of the Year, and in 2016 brought home both the 2016 Bluegrass Song of the Year trophy from IMEA with their rendition of Steve Spurgin’s “Let Her Roll” and the silver award in the Global Music Awards for Kathy Boyd’s tune “Who Will Pray for Me”.  The group received two 2017 Josie Music Awards nominations – Bluegrass/Folk/Americana Song of the Year (Let Her Roll) and Bluegrass/Folk/Americana Group of the Year. 


With six CD’s in radio rotation, the band is known far and wide for their songwriting abilities and high energy entertainment style.  In the words of Randy Shelton of Nevada’s “Silver State String Buster” magazine, "Kathy Boyd looks to be 100 lbs soaking wet but that little gal can knock a song right out of the park".  


In 2014, "Spending Every Christmas With You" debuted as the #1 CD downloaded for holiday airplay for the second year and all ten songs immediately took up position on the Top 50 downloaded songs. The recording  was nominated as the IMEA’s 2014 Holiday Album of the Year and the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas (in the State of Oregon)” brought home the IMEA Holiday Song of the Year Award.  Radio stations around the world continue to clamor for this original music that somehow feels as though it's been a part of our holiday culture for decades - indicating that Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising's "Spending Every Christmas With You" is well  on its way to being a holiday classic.  In 2015 music from this recording was developed into a television special and DVD titled “Bluegrass Christmas”.


Radio stations continue to line up to interview this personable group whose songwriting – especially that of member Tim Crosby – has been compared to legends such as Waylon Jennings, Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen.


“After thirteen years together we definitely have our own unique sound.” states KBPR band leader Kathy Boyd, “We’ve now reached a spot where we are so comfortable with who we are and what we do that it’s allowing us to stretch in new and more complex musical directions.”


“Audience response to all of our music continues to be enthusiastic, which in turn makes us better performers.  It’s a huge circle of excitement and love that benefits everyone!”


For additional information on the band we invite you to visit any or all of the following websites:


http://www.reverbnation.com/kbpr – a one page summary of the band with lots of music and video

http://www.phoenixrisingband.org – our official website (we would like to draw your attention to the event and blog pages)


For direct contact:                   KBPR135@gmail.com                       503-936-8480

Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising

Announces Their New Release

40 Years of Lonesome


40 Years of Lonesome started out as one thing, ended up as another, and over the course of time became a celebration of friendship, discovery and new directions.

We did more co-writing on this recording than we've ever done before, and more songs were weeded out than we ever thought possible. We didn't write all the songs this time, but borrowed a couple that spoke to our souls and we felt we could change up enough to make them fresh and interesting in a whole new way.

We also took a L-O-N-G time to record this album - life simply kept getting in the way - and we wanted to get it right. We appreciate the fact that you waited so patiently for this release, and that you kept coming out to our shows and giving us feedback on the new music while asking, "Is it here yet?" - each and every time we crossed paths.

We did release a few of the songs as singles along the way, and were quite pleased at the results. During the summer of 2016 we released "Let Her Roll", which brought home the honor of being the 2016 International Music and Entertainment Association Bluegrass Song of the Year. In 2017 it continues to do well with a Josie nomination for Bluegrass/Americana/Folk song of the Year. Those awards will be given out in September at the Nissan Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kathy Boyd's song "Who Will Pray For Me?" was honored with a Global Music Award in 2016 for lyrics and songwriting. This genre crossing song continues to be a favorite no matter where we perform.

As songwriters, all of the music we write tends to have very personal stories attached to it. Whether it is best friends rediscovered after 40 years by a random phone number found on an envelope, a prayer for enough faith to last just long enough until the next prayer is uttered, or an eye opening conversation - our experiences are your experiences, and we hope that's what makes our songs speak to you on a universal level.

40 Years of Lonesome is available for radio station download on both AirPlay Direct and Radio Submit.  It is available for the public at CD Baby, Amazon.com and via all the usual streaming services beginning August 1, 2017.

Addition information regarding the 2016 International Music and Entertainment Association Bluegrass Group of the Year Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising can be found at www.reverbnation.com/kbpr or at the official website of www.phoenixrisingband.org (new website coming in August!).

Direct contact is always welcome at KBPR135@gmail.com

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